Aquarelle Works

In this series, I have been working with Adobe’s live watercolor brushes, as well as brushes from Kyle’s Real Watercolor, which are available for download from Adobe.

For those who work with watercolors on paper, water is a fundamental aspect of the creative process. It involves the consideration of wetness or dryness of the paint.

When using a generous amount of water, the colors flow and become more transparent. The water can also pull and shape the pigments, giving rise to unique patterns and vibrant surfaces.

To some extent, it is possible to transfer some of the intricacies of traditional watercolor techniques into the digital medium, as the wetness of the brushes can be regulated, and the colors can flow into digital algorithms.

Above all, the watercolor’s luminous quality is accentuated when working with thin overlays, layering many delicate colors upon each other.

In this series of digital watercolors, I have also incorporated the addition of pastell and charcoal to infuse the images with a sense of weight and substance.

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