sierra Works

Before the advent of chemically synthesized dyes, natural pigments were utilized. While the earthy tones were economical, the bright blues and deep reds were highly exclusive and costly.

Artists were required to manipulate warmth and coolness to produce both cold and warm hues from raw sierra and Brown umber.

 It is intriguing how our eyes can adjust and perceive more colors when accustoming to the sight.

Furthermore, how the subdued tones create a sense of poetry and softness

I have continued to work with a mixed media approach utilizing oil, vectors, and sketch brushes.

However, I have started to give more prominence to the sketch brush due to its inherent softness, which the vector lines lack.

In this series, I have partly sketched faces, but also sculptures.

 I have not sought to emphasize the timeless and rigid aspects of sculptures, but instead allowed them to resemble living individuals.

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