post-it Works

After drawing heroic and divine stone faces, I longed to go back and draw people.

I wanted to get closer again and feel presence and openness, and highlight what makes us vulnerable. 

An Instagram artist inspired me. Jerry Montya, who on his Instagram, among other things, creates “morning workouts”.

Short films where he draws beautiful heartfelt portraits on post-it notes. I was amazed by the strong expression and the  simplicity. Here is his website.

These post-it pictures inspired me for this collection. It felt uplifting to instead of starting from a white surface, start with a yellow, turquoise, pink or some other pastel color.

I was looking for something direct and undisguised.

Some of the people I drew have been significant to our history, like the Civil rights activist James Baldwin, the pianst Clara Haskil or the poet Dunbar, others are friends. I wanted the post-its to show that beauty is not in the appearance, but hides deeper in the person. In the character that shines through.

follow the whole process on instagram

See it from the beginning!

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