dyst-utopia Works

I wanted to work with a series of portraits that could be interpreted as both dystopian and utopian images. That have a troublesome air about them, and at the same time something uplifting  it is for us to decide.

When our thinking is dumbed down by consumption and inactivity. And a kind of indifference to the democratic principles that took us generations to build.

What is waiting for us around the corner. Where do we stand?

When the fabric of life itself is tearing up and long threads of matter are flowing around. And an overwhelming environmental storm creeps upon us. How do we look at our future?

When science and truth have become ambiguous terms, what do we choose to believe in.

Family? friends? collectives of like-minded to give birth to something new? In the age of misinformation how do we spread knowledge?

I have worked with three layers of different digital materials in these portraits. I primed with completely dry oil paint.

Then softened the second layer and faded the colors with chalk. And for the top layer worked with thin sharp vector lines.

In some images, I have drawn lot of lines to give a more form-strong graphic expression, while in other images I have allowed the chalk and oil to have more room to maneuver, to give them a more painterly character.

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See it from the beginning!

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