Flash Works

Old photographs captured using a camera flash often result in a strong yet flat lighting with sharp shadow formation on the face.

This unnatural light accentuates certain facial features, while obscuring others, thereby presenting a challenge in capturing the contours of the face which are more readily evident under softer light.

Nevertheless, I do appreciate the peculiar atmosphere of such vintage flash photographs.

I like how this lady has such a resolute gaze.

I appreciate how flash photography eliminates any motion blur. The harsh and dramatic lighting produced by early flash techniques can create unique and striking images. The strong contrast, deep shadows, and intense highlights can give photographs a timeless and artistic quality.

The quirks and imperfections of old flash techniques add character to the portraits. And to the characters in the portraits. 

old flash photography appeals to both nostalgia and a desire for artistic exploration.

The vintage clothing and settings contribute to the overall ambiance of the images, making them feel like glimpses into the past.

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