The Process

I am a visual artist and actor; interested in a certain intimacy produced when creating a portrait of – or seeing – another person. This interest is reflected in both my disciplines.

Working with the medium of drawing and illustration, I find this process of translating impression through matter fascinating. As an actor, I’ve used my body and voice as tools for conveying this intimacy to others, sharing what could be described as a living painting, constantly evolving and reverberating. 

I’m interested in the discrepancies between method, technique – and the volatile thing that is process and intuition.

In the work of developing performances, work often arise from a brilliant idea, the concept is creative and touching – but most often the most meaningful and thought provoking part arise through hard work and daily practice.  

A performance is often created after a phase of rehearsals. There, the scenes are tried out to find their form. Much of the material never reach an audience, and the experience of the deleted parts remain as in the experience of the actors and the director. 

When the artist, the painter works, one image leads into another. A style and expression emerges. Some paintings, sculptures may never be displayed for various reasons. Different expressions, certain artistic improvisations will fade into nothingness. Which can be very bittersweet. 

And I wanted to know how a process like this would translate into an Web3 invironment. 

How my process would be transcribed in the light of the monitor screen. 

Every portraits odd and strange imperfections, my creative though, often hidden, enveloped in my own personal and private idiosyncrasies. Reaveled, presented and shared. 

If I would share my creative application, with all its implications. If I could create, develop and help others develop. I could, in some way develop the digital space itself.

Create an inviroment effected by my positive affirmation – not only to art, but the process itself. Imprint it on a peer to peer network, for others to interact with in their daily feed.

Share an open process, where every part of it is still there to se. And see what it will give me back…

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