heroes Works

I was primarily interested in capturing the mood of these portraits. I wanted to capture the everyday, but also a heightened sense of presence.

 The direct expression creates a feeling that as a viewer, I am closer to the person in the portrait. An everyday hero.

I have worked with black soft chalk on a muted pink surface and splattered the paper with yellow watercolor. 

The spots are random and contribute to a collage-like feeling. 

Digital watercolor is a popular technique among artists and designers alike.

Unlike traditional watercolor painting, digital watercolor is created using software such as Adobe fresco. 

It allows for more precise control over the painting process and the ability to easily undo mistakes. 

The possibilities are endless with digital watercolor as it allows for experimentation with colors, textures, and effects that may not be possible with traditional watercolor.

follow the whole process on instagram

See it from the beginning!

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