Street Works

I have been using Adobe Fresco oil brushes in my recent artwork. In this particular piece, I experimented by combining four layers; starting with an oil layer, followed by a graphite layer to soften any harsh edges in the oil, then a layer of sketch pencil, and finally a fourth layer consisting of various vector brushes.

Continuing to work with sketches, oil paints, and vector graphics. I enjoy using raw, spontaneous strokes with subtle, smooth surfaces.

When I draw my portraits, I have different focuses. In this particular image, my aim was to bring out the three-dimensional aspect. The yellow light from the side accentuates it.

The woman in the picture exudes harmony, and self-confidence. The smooth and soft contours of her face delicately capture the light in a pleasing and gentle manner.

A youthful countenance, neither mature nor juvenile. The childish spontaneity prevails, yet accompanied by the responsible gaze of an adult.

Here you can observe the gradual development of the painting through its distinct layers.

One layer comprises oil paints, another exhibits a sketch, and a further layer showcases vector effects.

Some faces are neither distinctly male nor female. They exist in a realm of their own, maybe both and neither at the same time. When I draw a face, I strive to capture the essence of the person, particularly when I am sketching loved ones and close friends. However, when I sketch strangers, my focus shifts to other elements, such as light, shadows, and surface textures. As I explore the abstract facets of portraiture, the age and gender of my subjects often becomes secondary concerns.

I continue to work on my mixed media technique, incorporating both an oil layer and a sketch layer. I am using a relatively harmonious color palette, with the addition of vibrant neon yellows for contrast.

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