statue Works

Maybe you could call it Cyber Roman art, or synthwave sculptures but I just call it Statue Works.  

The beauty of classical sculptures fascinates me. They are quite often portrayed as heroes.

The innocent youth, the martyr’s experience, the war hero or the powerful godess.

Certainly, at first glance, it can be felt that these depictions can be close to a normative ideal of beauty. But…

Upon closer study of these athletic faces and bodies. Created with shape and material to capture light and shadow – there is always something tweaked.

Athena’s rough neck; the extremely small round pouting mouth of the worrior.

These distorted proportions create a new balance, a weight, a tension, which speak to the depth of us.

Captures space streching through time – a kind of sanctuary beyond cliché and irony.

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See it from the beginning!

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