Pencil Works

It is very pleasurable to sketch with classic pencil, just as it is calming to contemplate sketches done in this technique.

Finding a simple digital brush that replicates the dynamics of a soft pencil has been challenging.

The gentle and subtle pressure from the hand that can create both bold gray lines and thin, smooth light gray surfaces.

The best digital brush I downloaded from Adobe is called Kyle’s Dry Media – Perfect Pencil Basic.

There is still a significant gap between the dynamism of sketching with a pencil on paper compared to the digital medium

but it is possible to work towards capturing the expression.

I have also enhanced the soft feeling by setting the base color on the “digital paper” to a light, muted pink hue.

The pink color provides a more earthy character and creates a physical paper-like texture in the image.

follow the whole process on instagram

See it from the beginning!

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