vector Works

Vector graphics are based on an ingenious mathematical system; which allows you to reduce or enlarge an image without losing sharpness.

For that reason, I was initially very intrigued to using Adobefresco’s vector brushes.

I looked forward to see my sketches in perfect resolution on large screens. But…

When I first tried to draw with them, I was disappointed, all the lines were sharp, without any further subtleties.

It was a dynamic flatness that didn’t appeal to me at all. I then tried to reduce the radius of the brush to a thin thread and began to frantically draw, a thousand small chaotic strokes.

That together formed a dynamic and nuanced surface – that is the Vector Works.

It was a similar technique to how I drew in my previous thread’s portraits. But the difference here is that the vector images only consist of thin  ‘threads’ while the threads collection is a type of mixed media where the shadows are mostly drawn with a soft chalk.

follow the whole process on instagram

See it from the beginning!

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