Light Works

A portrait can be created through lines, surfaces and structures. In this series I tried to portray form by working with surfaces instead of lines.

In the theater, lighting is an element of its own, an important part of an artistic whole. People often talk about back-lights, that is, a light that shines from behind towards the direction of the audience.

This means that actors get a more three dimensional look. And it creates depth in the room.

When I did this study of light, I searched for photos from various plays/operas to see how the light reflects in someone’s face or hair.

In this series of digital watercolors, I have also incorporated the addition of pastell and charcoal to infuse the images with a sense of weight and substance.

The results were a soft and pleasant light, similar to the light that can sometimes be found in watercolors when a thin sheer color passes through the white surface of the paper.

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See it from the beginning!

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