Square Works

It is challenging to work with vector graphics as they are so sharp, leaving no room for in-between values; they are either on or off.

There are no fuzzy edges; the lines drawn almost appear as if someone has etched them.

However, it is exciting to work within the limitations that this medium offers.

In this series, I am working with thin lines that form shapes in a similar way to what I did in statue work.

The many intersecting lines create a web of shadows and nuances.

But I also wanted to experiment with adding transparent vector areas as a contrast.

 Clear rectangles, compositionally, can bring both more balance or create more tension in the image.

Organic versus digital, the unyielding versus the malleable.

It came naturally to paint quickly, wildly, exuberantly. And the vector allowed painting both inside and outside the actual portrait frame, creating interesting compositions.

follow the whole process on instagram

See it from the beginning!

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